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GetLingo is a new way to translate your iOS applications. Add languages, reach more people and make your apps better - without the hassle.

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What is it?

Getlingo is a service designed to make it easier for you and your team to manage copy and translations for iOS apps. By adding our open source SDK to your app (feel free to contribute and improve it) your translators, designers, copywriters and developers gets a new and smarter interface to manage copy. Since the strings are stored in the cloud you can simply fix typos, add translations and make your apps better - without the hassle of having to update your app every time. Your strings and translations are instead managed through our responsive web interface and get served to your app through our API. The SDK is installed as a CocoaPod and it manages persistence to make sure that your strings and translations is available every time your users starts your app. Getlingo of course also works together with the god ol’ NSLocalizedString, so you don’t have to go all in - unless you want to!

And the best part - it's as simple as this to use once you have it set up:

self.myAwesomeLabel.text = GLLocalizedString(@"MY_GETLINGO_STRING_KEY", @"So hip. Such class. Wow!");

Know someone that speaks Russian? Have you hired a translator to localize your app? Then you can create teams and invite your translators, designers, copywriters - or anyone you know - to Getlingo. With your team you can collaborate to make your app more accessible for people around the globe.


The goal with Getlingo is to make a service that simplifies translating and copywriting for all kinds of modern software products and services. We believe that text is one of the most important design elements - and it should be treated as such! We think it is the designers, copywriters and translators job to create fantastic copy, without having to wait for a developer, or worse – having the developer writing the user facing copy. By using our service we simply want to give you a smarter and better way to handle copywriting and translations in your software projects.

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Simple pricing - based on actual usage

Price per request

$0.008 / $8.00 for 1000 requests

We believe in fair pricing. Pricing that is that is based on how much you use the service. You can create how many apps and teams as you want - and invite as many translators as you want. There are no limits. For each app you also get 10000 free requests.

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